Self Love Journey Day 1

I am enough.

My name literally means enough…sufficient.

I am enough.

I am worthy of the love I seek.

I’m lovable at all versions of me.

My past decisions do not dictate my worth.


I don’t have any existing ideas of self-love. I do believe that someone who truly loves themselves does not judge themselves and they provide grace to themselves.

These ideas serve me because it seems aligned with the going approaches of self-love, yet my perfectionism leads me to judge myself when I do not grant myself grace.

Mindset shift?

I fear giving myself grace, I fear that it will make me weak. That I’ve demanded so much for myself for so long. And so far, it’s gotten me this far.

How do I let that go confidently? I would like to glide and walk in an aura of self acceptance confidence and love feel lighter because the weight of worries released.

I would like to maintain a meditation practice.


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